Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Blogging Business

Well if I could remember how to get to get to this page, I would certainly have a lot more things written. For some reason I'm having a difficult time getting to this page to post a new note. I thought I saved in in my favorites, but I did not save the correct page.

I do think that I have it figured out now, so maybe I'll be able to keep up with writing about my activities, when the time is available to me.

Sorry for being so lame and "slow" with getting this down. I guess the more you use it the easier it gets.

I took some pictures of my for legged friends. I would love to get them on this blog. That will be another adventure for me to undertake. Can't guarantee when that will all come together, but I will work on it. Any insight to this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sonny is gaining

What used to take 15 minutes to get Sonny out of the barn and into the pasture, is now the total time it takes me to get him to the round pen. I was impressed to say the least. We got in the pen, and at first Iwas only going to walk around with him and then stand quiet with him. He was fine, showed no signs of stress or being anxious, and even gave me the inclination that he might want to work a little. My neighbors were not there, so I did not have to worry about their race car and dirt bikes screaming up the road. Sonny can handle all of that, but under the circumstances I was pleased that we were alone.

I sent him around for a few laps, had him change direction and then I stood quiet in the center. He used to keep running after I stopped, but this time he stopped turned towards me and walked in to join me. We stood there for a few minutes, and I sent him off again. This time I used verbal commands to change his gait and direction. He did great (except the verbal que for turning was new to him)! But he did good with that as well and I was very pleased! He was still very relaxed and eager to do more. I had him follow me around, and worked on some "manners" as far as not getting into my space. Sonny, actually never had a problem with that. He would have a tendency to stay further out, than to crowd me. But as he (over the years) built his trust and confidence in me, he is a gentleman in that respect. I stood in front of him, and walked into him, making him back up, and using the verbal "back" command. This is something he does very well. Even when he's in his stall and crowding the door. I tell him to back up and he very politely steps back two or three steps without hesitation or nervousness.

After we did that I decided to send him around again. I said whoa, he stopped, turned towards me and joined up. I thought this is really cool, let's try it again. We repeated this about three times, and I noticed that every time when I said "whoa" , he actually didn't whoa (or stand still for a few seconds), but simply stopped his gait, turned towards me and walked in to me with a purpose (not angry or stressed, but certainly not slow and with his head down either). I thought hmmmm, this can't go on like that, he needs to know that the join up is done with ease, and not with the "intent" to run into me. So I sent him off again, and we followed the same steps, I said "whoa" and again he came in towards me, but this time, I approached him with the same attitude he had towards me, but I got in his "bubble", and when I did, he bolted about five feet away from me, I firmly said "WHOA", he stopped in his tracks, I took three steps back, and waited for a response. Within ten seconds (seemed like forever) he licked and chewed, dropped his head, and joined up with me. I was thrilled. I praised him, and then we ended the lesson.

We got back to the barn, brushed Sonny a bit, and then turned him out to pasture. Feather was anxiously waiting to be turned out as well. Before I turned her out, she also got brushed and pampered a bit.

Of course all that brushing and cleaning that we do (and we take pride in that) is just an excuse for our horses to go out and find the best spot to roll and put as much of that dirt back on their bodies---which is what they both did......

Friday, June 6, 2008

My start up (attempt)

Well this is my first attempt at a blog. I'm sure as time goes by it (hopefully) will be more interesting then what I'm about to compose/write.....a friend of mine encouraged me to start a blog. i never thought that my life would be interesting enough to share with any one but my own thoughts, but actually how boring is that...we all know that when to talk to and with our selves that, we are the most interesting people that we know, and the attention we create is just busting at the edge of our seat.....I do look forward to updating this blog and adding sub-titles as they come into play. Right now I'm just happy to have made it this far. I'm stillsomewhat computer challenged , so it will be interesting to me to see if I can acutally retieve my own blog. i think that's kind of funny in itself.....I will do my best to do that :)....Until next time, signing of very truly yours,